Corn Headers DIAMANT

Corn Headers DIAMANT


The new extremely strong polymer cones mark a new breakthrough in the history of CAPELLO headers. The elongated and curved construction guarantees a constant flow in all field conditions. This makes harvesting quick and easy - exceeding all expectations.

All cones and covers can be removed in a few easy steps without the need for wrenches or other tools - just hands - making the machine convenient for quick cleaning.

To work safely and as close to the ground as possible, CAPELLO designs an anti-shock system, with automatic release of the row clutch on impact, thus protecting the entire header from damage


The minimum cutting height is unsurpassed thanks to the exclusive design of the shredder and the special shape of the header. The super productive and powerful DIAMANT shredder with two blades in a row guarantees excellent shredding and perfect even spreading of plant residues.

The field harvested with the CAPELLO header is always easy to recognize, and subsequent processing is made as easy as possible.

The high power of the chopper, the lightweight and at the same time even stronger frame, the special shape of the header and the first-class components increase the capacity of each combine and significantly reducing fuel consumption!


Model Width (m) Type Number of Rows Width max (m) Cutting Width (m) Row Spacing
Diamant 12 Foldable 12 12 4350 45 – 100

CAPELLO Diamant Header in Action

Нищо не е оставено на случайността, дори и боята: всички продукти на CAPELLO са покрити с най -строгите ISO стандарти в системите за електростатично прахово боядисване и преминават най -строгите тестове.

Качеството на продукта се гарантира от марка на компанията, призната в цял свят за надеждността и производителността на своите продукти.