Automated Steering System NX510

Automated Steering System NX510

CHC Navigation is among the leading and fastest growing companies in the world in the field of geodetic equipment, RTK networks and systems for automatic control in agriculture and construction. Established more than 20 years ago, today the company is represented in over 120 countries worldwide with over 1,500 employees. From 2021, the company is represented in Bulgaria by INOVEX Group

Today, model NX510 from CHCNAV is among the most popular automatic control systems in Bulgarian agriculture

Система за автоматично управление CHCNAV
Система за автоматично управление CHCNAV

What do you get?

  • Fully unlocked for RTK and DGPS signals, 10.1 inch industrial Android tablet, with WiFi, 4G, CAN, ISOBUS and UHF built-in radio for full freedom of applications and connectivity, no more unlocking fees
  • Professional navigation controller, not a bunch of antennas on the roof. Installation without holes on the cab
  • Steering wheel with a really powerful motor
  • Inventory surveillance camera
  • Secure network coverage wherever you are
  • No interruptions thanks to 
  • One hidden cable - end of hanging cables in the cabin
  • AgNav navigation application with perfect Bulgarian translation
  • To never pay again - professional base stations of the latest generation. Free RTK signal for all machines, even in the largest farms, without the need for mobile operators

Included in the price is perfect installation of all brands and models of agricultural machinery

Perfect accuracy below 2 cm, thanks to - the most modern RTK network in Bulgarian agriculture !!!

...and all this at an incredible price!

Autosteering System CHCNAV