Agricultural drones
Земеделски дронове TopXGun
Земеделски дронове TopXGun

Agricultural drones

Established nearly 10 years ago, TopXGun Robotics is among the leading manufacturers of agricultural drones. The company specializes in the development of flight control systems, having over 200 patents and is a leading supplier in the UAV industry. The FP series agricultural drones are the 4th technological generation, after the successful T, F and TG series. The top model FP400 is particularly interesting for agricultural holdings due to its 38 liter spray tank and flight time sufficient to spray the entire tank and with a minimum spray dose.

Agricultural Drone FP400

Spray tank 35l
Container Capacity 55l
Protection system with 3 FPV cameras, radars (2pc), tilt sensors, etc.
Powerful smart battery 30000mAh with a charging time of 8 minutes (3pcs + generator in the set)
Flight time up to 15 minutes, according to the volume of the tank
4 folding carbon arms with large propeller size for stability lift and spray pressure
4 electric rotary nozzles for work without turning at the end of the row and flow rate up to 22l/min
Remote control with built-in 7" HD display, WiFi, Bluetooth, 4G, RTK
Menu in Bulgarian


Model Drone Width (cm) Battery (mAh) Weight(incl. battery) (kg) Spray Tank Capacity (l) Container Capacity (l) Nozzles Nozzels Atomization Range (µm)
FP150 - 1x20 000 - 15 - 8 стандартни -
FP400 197 1x30 000 42.6 35 55 4 80-300

Agricultural Drone FP400 TopXGun from INOVEX Group